Welcome to dnsbl.oberstufenhaus.de

Currently dnsbl.oberstufenhaus.de provides the following blacklists: Please note, this blacklist is under development, so you should _not_ use the current provided information for important systems, but you may use them for rating purposes, but they are dirty so my advise is: DO NOT USE, this is still a experimental service. But always remind yourself that all these data is gathered by a test system! All blacklists are currently updated every 10 minutes. Automatic (script) bls, active: web2.dnsbl.oberstufenhaus.de ( test listings) * status: active * Ips of spamvertised domains * The data is gathererd automatically. * Dynamic List --- Ideas for use * Webserver blacklisting, spamvertised domains are often hacked phishing pages, that can be used for php code injection. * do _not_ use with resolved ip's. use surbl with domain instead (also reduces dns traffic) contact: contact@dnsbl.oberstufenhaus.de